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Outsourced Fulfillment Reduces Cost and Increases Efficiency

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The Fashion Industry  Outsource Solution

* 3rd Party Logistics    * Distribution    * Fulfillment    * EDI     * Back Office Mgt.

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* Major & Retail Store Distro.

* Back Office Mgt. Support

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* Quality Control Inspections

* Replenishment / Fulfillment  

* EDI, TMS & UPC Support Mgt.

* Returns/reverse-logistics

* Pick & Pack by piece

* Cross-docking & trans-loading

* Steam Press Garments

As U.S. apparel companies become more embedded in supply chain management and the augmentation of business afflictions based on data sharing such as EDI, improving the flow of goods to retail has become increasingly conspicuous. Our distribution centers is designed to accommodate all types of fulfillment & distribution. We offer the help you need to coordinate the distribution of products, as your dedicated fulfillment partner. We provide 100% of the services you are looking for. Our highly trained personnel have experience in all areas of 3rd party logistics.  eC Systems Service Solution, Inc. superior receiving, storage, handling and packing specifications ensure that your products will get to your destination when you want them - safely, securely, and on time.   eC Systems Service Solution, Inc. is conveniently located in the Greater Los Angeles area city of Gardena near LAX and Long Beach LA port terminals.

Too new or recently downsized to encompass the expense and expertise necessary to run a successful business in today's competitive and high tech. Market? eC Systems Service Solutions, Inc. offers the manufacturing fashion industry a complete outsource solution for all your company's needs.  Quality distribution and logistics are becoming more in demand as manufacturers look to strengthen ties with the retail world.

Value Added Services

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 1.  Cost Savings - As with any other operation economies of scale play a large role in total costs. A fulfillment center may ship for a hundred or more different companies allowing for it to leverage it’s shipping and freight buying power to negotiate lower rates than a single company.

 2.  Efficiency - Few companies have the extensive software and staff necessary to run their warehouse operations at maximum efficiency. Partnering with a fulfillment center such as Partner Warehouse and Distribution gives you instant access to proprietary systems and technologies that took years to create and perfect.

 3.  Labor Sharing - In most warehouse operations the staff is either under or over underutilized. Spikes in business whether seasonal or other often require hiring, training and a learning curve which costs companies time and money. using a fulfillment center will maximize efficiency and save you the headaches of new hires and additional overhead.

 4.  Pay Per Use - Eliminate the liability of excess overhead and only pay for the space and labor that you use. As opposed to being locked into a lease and labor utilizing a product fulfillment or e-commerce fulfillment center allows takes the worry out of warehousing. If your warehouse is 80% full you’re still paying for 100% of the space, power, insurance, labor etc. Whereas, when using a fulfillment center you only pay for the space and labor that you utilize.

 5.  Spend Time Growing Your Business - Business owners should be able to focus on increasing sales, growing the business and maximizing the net without having to worry about the logistics and overhead associated with handling more volume.

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